Ricardo Rogers

Realtor, Buyers Agent, Listing Agent



  Office: 616-364-9551 
  Mobile: 616-520-3628 
  Fax: 616-447-5031 



  Grand Rapids
  3000 East Beltline Ave Ne
  Grand Rapids, MI 49525





I have lived in the Grand Rapids area for over 27 years. I was born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA (go Steelers! 🖤 ). I have a beautiful wife, Rebecca, and three amazing kids, Braylon, Taya and Kai who are the very center of my love.... Where Home Is! 

Home is sitting around the dinner table and hearing your kids tell you about their day. Home is playing an 8 hour game of monopoly in front of your fireplace. Home is enjoying movie night in the fort that takes over your living room. Home is turning a structure into an area full of Love, Acceptance and Comfort. 

Buying or selling a home is an investment that matters to me. Some of the greatest memories we have ever created are in a house, that we make a home. It is my purpose and passion in life to help you achieve this experience..... by living out your dream.