Forbes ranks Grand Rapids top city for finding employment


GRIn a list published by Forbes this month, Grand Rapids was ranked second on a list of top cities for finding employment.

Several factors were taken into account to determine the ranks, such as industries in each city, the cost of living, and “the presence of companies with varied employment opportunities.”

Grand Rapids boasts a 3.9 percent unemployment rate and has more jobs than people to fill them. Most of those jobs, the article said, are in auto, consumer goods, healthcare, manufacturing, and food.

Not only are there lots of jobs, but pay for those jobs are getting higher.

“Competition for candidates is getting quite extreme, which means pay rates and compensation packages are rising,” says Nancy Siegal, regional vice president at Adecco Staffing.

Topping the list was Austin, TX. Nashville, TN, was ranked third and Charlotte, NC, ranked fourth.

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