DIY Gallery Wall-Making Your Home Your Own

DIY Gallery Wall

DIY Gallery Wall

What I love most about having a home is making it your own. From paint colors to accent chairs.  One of the most simple, yet most intimidating, ways to make your house your own, is a GALLERY WALL.  YOU get to choose what is in the frames. YOU get to choose what color/style frames. YOU get to choose the layout. YOU get to choose if you want any other miscellaneous items mixed in.


I knew I wanted one, I just didn’t know where to start.  This was the process I took:

  1. Research ideas of “DIY Gallery Wall” and find a Tutorial

  2. You may already have some of the needed items around the house, like random frames, craft paper, other items that could be hanged that personify you, etc

  3. Find printables on Etsy, Pinterest, etc

  4. Follow DIY tutorial- seems tedious, but it ended up saving lots of time when it came to actually hanging everything

  5. Do the final hanging in less than 10 minutes

  6. Sit back and enjoy your gallery wall


I had mastered a gallery wall and I was so proud! To sum it up, it’s not as intimidating as it looks! So whether you are looking to modernize the home you just bought, the home you want to sell, or the home that just needs some love, this is an easy, inexpensive way to add just a little touch of trendiness while incorporating things that you love!